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Welcom 2 our bl0g based off of dis blog: paintdoktahwho!
we mak our own pikshurs and aksept submishuns. hav fun and stai rad!!!

You can call me Ness, though I'm telling you now, that's totally a pseudonym.

Secret Santa

i bet dean would hit on chica

Anonymous asked: Draw bae


Anonymous asked: anon hate: i can draw on paint better than u

if you guys won’t send submissions, at least please send me anon hate so i can respond with dumb comics

Anonymous asked: The fact that you think Cas's only purpose is Dean is really an insult to Castiel's character. Why don't you keep your destiel shit to your personal blog?


"Better an extra hour in the ball pit than in the pit with Lucifer, right?"


-Sam Winchester, probably

this explains absolutely everything, anon

Anonymous asked: I love your blog ok. Just seeing you makes me giggle and ugh your art is cute. I love you so please accept being my Senpai

Thank you tons, you’re a darling! ♥ Here’s a badge for you!

Anonymous asked: I love the dashcon post! This blog seriously makes my life and I'm glad you're posting stuff on here again :)

Thank you so much, oh my gosh. Anons like you make my life even better. ♥